Past Teaching

Sociology 202B: Practice and Symbolic Power in Pierre Bourdieu (Fall 2012) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 190-2: Urban Inequality and Marginality: Tropes and Tools (Fall 2011) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 280J: Metropolis Unbound: Urban Sociology in Question (Fall 2011) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 101C: Pierre Bourdieu and Classical Social Theory (Spring 2011) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 131B: Elementary Forms of Racial Domination (Spring 2011) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 280A: Permutations of Penality (Fall 2010) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 280B: Comparing Institutions of Racial Domination (Fall 2009) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 273E/Anthropology 250J: Ethnography Inside Out (with Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Spring 2010) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 202B, Spring 2009- Durkheim, Mauss, Bourdieu: Foundations of Sociological Rationalism - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 115: Deviance, Crime and Control (Fall 2005) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 132: Four Centuries of Racial Vision and Division in the United States (Spring 2003) - Syllabus PDF

Sociology 202B: The Body In and Out of Social Theory (Fall 2001) Syllabus PDF