Recent Papers


Postface: Probing the Social Underbelly of the Polarizing City.” Postface to Javier Auyero et al., The Invisible City: Life and Labor in Austin, Texas (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2014.   

For a Sociology of Flesh and Blood.” Qualitative Sociology, Symposium, Fall: in press.

Reprinted (abridged) in Frank Adloff, Katharina Gerund, and David Kaldewey (eds.), Revealing Tacit Knowledge: Embodiment and Explication, Berlin, Transcript Verlag, 2014.Danish translation: “For en sociologi af kød og blod,” Praktiske Grunde, Special issue on “The Work of L. Wacquant,” Spring 2014.  
Turkish translation forthcoming in Cogito, summer 2014. 
Italian translation forthcoming in Marco Pzitalis (ed.), La scienza e la critica del mondo sociale: la lezione di Bourdieu (Milano, Franco Angeli, 2015).
German translation in
Berliner Debatte Initial, Fall 2014.
Spanish translation forthcoming in Apuntes.
Romanian translation forthcoming in Compaso.

French translation forthcoming in Terrains et travaux (Paris), Winter 2015.
Romanian translation forthcoming in Compaso.

Finnish translation in Sosiologia, Fall 2014.

 Réincarner la science.” Preface to Matthieu Quidu and Brice Favier-Ambrosini (eds.), Le Corps du savant dans la recherche scientifique. Approches épistémologiques, Paris, Editions ENS.

“Recasting the Link Between Penality and Neoliberalism: A Response to O’Malley.” Thesis Eleven, Symposium on Prisons of Poverty: in press.

“À la porte de l’atelier sociologique: préface à l’édition française augmentée,” in Pierre Bourdieu and Loïc Wacquant, Invitation à la sociologie réflexive, Paris, Editions du Seuil, 2014, pp. 9-19.

 “Comment lire Bourdieu: deux itinéraires,” in Pierre Bourdieu and Loïc Wacquant, Invitation à la sociologie réflexive, Paris, Editions du Seuil, 2014, pp. 321-345. 

Territorial Stigmatization in Action.” Environment & Planning A (with Tom Slater and Virgílio Pereira), special issue on “Territorial Stigmatization”, 46, no 6, June 2014: 1270-1280.
German translation forthcoming in Zeitschrift für Politik und Gesellschaft (Göttingen), Fall 2014.
Spanish translation in Revista INVI (Santiago de Chile), Fall 2014.
Turkish translation in Cogito (Istambul), Fall 2014.

Putting Habitus in its Place: Rejoinder to the Symposium” (Symposium on “Homines in extremis”). Body & Society 20, no. 2 (June), Symposium on “Homines in extremis,” with Nick Crossley, Greg Downey, Hélène Mialet, and Élise Paradis): 118-139.
Spanish translation: Poniendo al habitus en su lugar. Réplica del Simposio,” RELACES (Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios sobre Cuerpos, Emociones y Sociedad, 15, Summer 2014.
Italian translation: “Mettere l’habitus al suo posto: replica al Simposio,” Etnografia se ricerca qualitativa, 7, no. 3, July 2014, in press.  
Danish translation forthcoming in Praktische Grund, Summer 2014. 
Turkish translation forthcoming in Cogito, Summer 2014.
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Estudos de sociología (Recife), Spring 2014.

Homines in extremis: What Fighting Scholars Teach Us about Habitus." Symposium in Body & Society 20, no. 2 (June): 3-17.     
Shorter version published as “What Fighting Scholars Teach us about Habitus,” concluding chapter to Raúl Sanchez and Dale Spencer (eds.), Fighting Scholars: Carnal Ethnographies of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, London and New York, Anthem Press, 2013, pp. 191-198.   
Reprinted in Cristina Costa (ed.), The Art of Application: Bourdieu, Habitus and Social Research, London, Palgrave, 2015.
Portuguese translation forthcoming in  Estudos de sociología (Recife), Spring 2013.
Danish translation forthcoming in Praktiske Grunde (Copenhagen), Winter 2014.
Reprinted in Cristina Costa (ed.), The Art of Application: Bourdieu, Habitus and Social Research, London, Palgrave, 2015.  
French translation in Matthieu Quidu and Brice Favier-Ambrosini (eds.), Le corps du savant dans la recherche scientifique. Approches épistémologiques, Paris, Editions ENS, 2014.
Spanish translation “Homines in extremis: que nos enseñan los Fighting Scholars sobre el habitus,” Astrolabio, nueva épocha (Cordoba), 10, Spring 2013.
Italian: “Homines in extremis. Che cosa gli studiosi lottatori ci insegnano sull’habitus,” Etnografia se ricerca qualitativa, 6, no. 2, May 2013, pp. 169-182.
Korean translation forthcoming in Culture and Communication (Seoul).
German translation in LiTheS. Zeitschrift für Literatur- und Theatersoziologie (Vienna), special issue on “Person, type, role.”

Marginality, Ethnicity and Penality in the Neoliberal City: An Analytic Cartography,” Ethnic & Racial Studies Review, 37, no. 10 Symposium (with responses from Andy Clarno, Michael Dawson, Matt Desmond, Amy Lerman, Mara Loveman, Douglas Massey, Dorothy Roberts, Robert Sampson, William Julius Wilson, Andreas Wimmer): 1687-1711.

Expanded version reprinted as “Marginality, Ethnicity and Penality: A Bourdieusian Perspective on Criminalization,” in Antony Duff and Lindsay Farmer (eds.), Criminalization, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2014. [This version contains an introduction specifically for criminologists] 
French version: “Marginalité, ethnicité, pénalité dans la ville néolibérale: une cartographie analytique.”Revue de l’Institut de sociologie, Spring 2014, in press. 
German translation: “Marginalität, Ethnizität und Strafen in der neoliberalen Stadt: eine analytische Kartographie,” Berliner Debatte Initial, 25, no.1, Spring 2014, pp. 87-105.
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Tempo social (São Paulo), Fall 2013.
Italian: “Marginalità, etnicità  e penalità nella città neo-liberale: una cartografia analitica,” Territorio (Roma), Special issue on “Processi di ri-appropriazione della citta,” Summer 2014.  
Danish translation forthcoming in Praktiske Grunde, Special issue on “The Work of L. Wacquant,” Spring 2014.
Hungarian translation in Replika, Spring 2014. 
Norwegian translation forthcoming in Agora, special issue on “Racism,” Summer 2014
Turkish translation forthcoming in Cogito, Fall 2013.  
Polish: Studia Litteraria et Historica (Warsaw), December 2013. 
Korean: “Shinjayujuuijok doshi eseoui jubyeonseong, minjokseong, hyeongbeolseong: hana ui bunseokjeok jido jejak,” Sahoi gwahak yeongu [Social Science Studies] 37, no. 3, Winter 2013, pp. 123-562013.
Spanish: “Marginalidad, etnicidad y penalidad en la ciudad neoliberal. Una cartografía analytíca,” in Claudia Corol et al. (eds.), Tiempos violentos. Barbarie y decadencia civilizatoria, Buenos Aires, Ediciones, 2014, pp. 177-212; also forthcoming in Herramientas/RES, Spring 2014; also reprinted in Mayarí Castillo (ed.), Desigualdades urbanas na America latina (Santiago de Chile, Flacso, 2014).
  Dutch translation forthcoming in Socio-logos, October 2014.

“Revisiting Territories of Relegation: Class, Ethnicity and the State in the Making of Marginality.” Urban Studies Journal, symposium with responses by Orlando Patterson, Troels Schultz Larsen, and Lynn Hancock: in press. 
Reprinted as “Revisiting Territories of Relegation,” in Emma Shaw and Ananya Roy (eds.), Territories of Poverty, Athens (GA), University of Georgia Press, 2014.
Danish translation (shorter version): “Gensyn med byens udstødte: Forord til den danske udgave,” as preface to Byens Udstødte. En komparativ sociologi om avanceret marginalisering, Copenhagen, Hovedland/Bogan Publishers, 2013, pp. 33-47.
Italian translation: “Rivisitando Urban Outcasts. Nota introduttiva di Agostino Petrillo,” Mondi migranti, June 2013, 2, pp. 7-22.
Spanish translation: “Repensando los condenados de la ciudad: clase, etnicidad y Estado en la produccion de marginalidad,” Revista de Ciencias Sociales (Buenos Aires), Summer 2013, pp. 10-19.
Polish translation forthcoming in Studia Litteraria et Historica (Warsaw), December 2013.
German translation forthcoming in Dérive. Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung (Vienna), Spring 2014; also revised as preface to Die Verdammten der Stadt, Berlin, Springer, 2014.
Dutch: “Klasse, etniciteit en staat in het ontstaan van marginaliteit. Een terugkeer naar de plaatsen van stedelijke verwaarlozing,” forthcoming Ethische Perspectieven, Spring 2014.
French translation forthcoming in the new expanded edition of Parias urbains (2015).  

Foucault, Bourdieu et l’État pénal à l’ère néolibérale,” in Daniel Zamora (ed.), Critiquer Foucault, Bruxelles: Editions Aden, 2014.

Constructing Neoliberalism: Opening Salvo,” Nexus: Newsletter of the Australian Sociological Association  25, no. 1 (March 2013), pp. 1-9.
Bourdieu 1993: A Case Study in Scientific Consecration,” Sociology 47, no. 1 (British Sociological Association) 2013,  pp. 15-29. This text is a companion to Pierre Bourdieu, “In Praise of Sociology: Acceptance Speech for the Gold Medal of the CNRS,” Sociology 47, no. 1 (British Sociological Association): 7-14.  

Reprints & Translations

Bulgarian, Heterodoxia, Spring 2013.
 Czech: “Bourdieu 1993: P ípadová studie v deckého sv cení,” Cesky sociologický asopis 49, no. 1, Spring 2013, pp. 126-140.
 Danish: “Bourdieu 1993: en casestudie i videnskabelig helliggørlse,” Social Kritik, 134, Special 25thanniversary issue, June 2013, pp. 12-25.
 Dutch: “Bourdieu 1993: een casestudy in wetenschappelijke consecratie,” Sociologie. Tijdschrift voor maatschappelijke vraagstukken, 8-4, Spring 2013, pp. 418-434.
Finnish: Sosiologia, Spring 2013, special issue on “Pierre Bourdieu: Social Class and the Mission of Sociology.” 
 German: “Bourdieu 1993: ein Fallstudie im wissenschafliche Weihe,” Osterreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 38, April 2013, pp. 15-32. 
Greek: Greek Journal of Social Research, Summer 2013.
 Hungarian­: “Bourdieu 1993: A tudományos szentesítés példaérték esete,” Replika, Spring 2013.
Italian: “Bourdieu 1993: studio di un caso di consacrazione scientifica,” Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, Spring 2013. 
Korean: “Bourdieu 1993: Hakmunjeok sarye e daehan han sarye yongu,” Hanguk sahoehak (Korean Journal of Sociology) 47, no 1, Spring 2013, pp. 15-34.  
Polish: Kultura i Spoleczenstwo, Spring 2013.
Portuguese: “Bourdieu 1993: um estudo de caso em consagração científica,” Revista brasileira de ciências sociais, Summer 2013; also in Pratíca (Porto), Spring 2013.
 Spanish: “Bourdieu 1993: un estudio de caso de consagración científica,” Revista española de sociologia, 19, no. 1, Winter 2013; also in Revista de la Carrera de Sociología (Buenos Aires), Summer 2013. 
Turkish, Cogito (Istanbul), Spring 2013.

La majoria dels rics no es mereixen ser-ho” (interview with Ariadna Trillas), Ara (Barcelona), 12 January 2013, pp. 30-31.

The Wedding of Workfare and Prisonfare in the 21st Century,” The Journal of Urban Poverty, special issue on “Poverty and Incarceration,” 16, n. 2, Summer 2012, pp. 236-249

Symbolic Power and Group-Making: On Bourdieu’s Reframing of Class.” Journal of Classical Sociology 13, no. 2 (Spring 2013): 274-291.

Reprints & Translations

Norwegian translation (shorter, earlier version): “Om symbolsk makt og gruppedannelse: Pierre Bourdieus reformulering av klasse,” Materialisten (Oslo), 12-1 (Winter 2012): 45-57. 
Italian: “Potere simbolico e costituzione dei gruppi: come Bourdieu ha riformulato la questione delle classi,” Polis, 26-3, Fall 2012, pp. 379-400. 
Spanish: “Poder simbólico y fabricación de grupos: Como Bourdieu reformula la cuestión de las clases,” Herramienta (Buenos Aires), 52, March 2013.
German: “Symbolische Gewalt und die Herstellung von Gruppen: Auf Bourdieus Neuformulierung der Klassenfrage,” forthcoming in Berliner Debatte Initial, June 2013 .
Danish: “Symbolsk magt og gruppe-dannelse,” Praktiske Grunde (Copenhagen), Winter 2013.
Finnish, Sosiologia, Spring 2013, special issue on “Pierre Bourdieu: Social Class and the Mission of Sociology.”
Korean translation: “Sangjing Kwonryok gwa  Jipdan Hyungseong: Pierre Bourdieu eui Gyegeup Moonje Jaeguseong ae Gwanhayeo,” Eollon gwa Saheo (Seoul), Spring 2013.
Polish translation forthcoming in Studia Litteraria et Historica (Warsaw).
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Novos Estudos (São Paulo); also in Prática (Porto), inaugural issue, Winter 2013.
Dutch translation forthcoming in Vlaams Marxistisch Tijdschift, Fall 2012, edited by Stijn Oosterlynck.
Hungarian translation in Replika (Budapest), Winter 2013.
Greek, Greek Journal of Social Research, 2013.
Bulgarian, Orthodoxies, Spring 2013.

Prismatic Identities: Memory, Migration and Making Of Europe.” Preface to John Western, Cosmopolitan Europe: A Strasbourg Self-Portrait, London, Ashgate, 2012, pp. xv-xviii

The Punitive Regulation of Poverty in the Neoliberal Era.” Criminal Justice Matters (London), 89 (September 2012): 38-40.

Reprints & Translations

Excerpted as “The Punitive Regulation of Poverty in the Neoliberal Age” as lead text of the forum on poverty and social control (Geneva); translated in Turkish. Also published in Forum (Luxembourg), April 2012.
French version: “La régulation punitive de la pauvreté à l’ère néolibérale,” L’Émancipation syndicale et pédagogique, March 2011, pp. ii-iv.
Spanish translation: “La regulación penal de la pobreza en la era neoliberal,” Diagonal (Madrid), no. 171 (30 March-11 April 2012), pp. 1 and 18-19.
Italian: “La regolazione punitiva della povertà nell’epoca neoliberale,” La societá degli individui (Roma), summer 2012.|
Dutch: “Het beheer van de armoede in het neoliberale tijdperk,” forthcoming in Filip Coussée and Lieve Bradt (ed.), Jeugdwerk en emancipatie. Werken met maatschappelijke kwetsbare jeugd, Leuven, Acco, 2012.
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Jean-François Deluchey (ed.), Segurida e justiça penal na épocá neoliberal, Belém, Editora da Revista dos Tribunais, 2012.
Polish translation forthcoming in Bez Bodgmatu, Fall 2012.
Czech translation forthcoming in Bravno, Fall 2012.

“Loïc Wacquant, en socioloog in het ghetto: ‘Drugsdealers moeten hard werker’.” De Standaard (week-end magazine, 10-11 March 2012): 14-15.

“Marginalidad avanzada y Estado neoliberal.” Urban (Madrid, special feature, “Conflictos de la ciudad contemporánea: un sondeo internacional,” edited by Álvaro Sevilla Buitrago), 3, new series (March 2012): 131-135.


Reprints & Translations

English translation forthcoming “Advanced Urban Marginality and the State,” Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning, Spring 2012.

Probing the Meta-Prison.” Preface to Jeffrey Ian Ross (ed.), The Globalization of Supermax Prisons, New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 2012.

“Bourdieu au coeur.” Le Courrier de Genève, 20 January.
[PDF - French][PDF - Spanish]

Reprints & Translations

Spanish translation: “Bourdieu en el corazón,” in Diagonal (Madrid), “Culturas” supplement, 16 February, pp. 4-5; “Bourdieu está aún entre nosotros,” El Espectador (Bogotá), 3 Mar 2012; “Bourdieu, el nombre de un empresa de investigacíon mundial,” Brecha (Montevideo), 2 March 2012, pp. 20-21; Apuntes (Lima, Peru); Iconos (Ecuador); Debates (Buenos Aires).
Polish translation: “Wciaz Bourdieu,” Bez Dogmatu (Warsaw), 91, Spring 2012, p. 1-3.
Bulgarian: “Десет години след Бурдийо,” Kultura (Winter 2012).
Norwegian translation: “Bourdieu hjerte,” Materialisten 12, 1, Winter 2012, pp. 37-46.
Italian: “Bourdieu nel cuore,” La societá degli individui (Roma), Fall 2012.
Korean translation in F (Seoul), 10-2, March 2012, pp. 69-76.
Hungarian translation forthcoming in Replika (Budapest), Winter 2012.
German translation: “Bourdieu im Innersten,” Das Argument (Berlin), 297, July 2012, pp. 330-334.
Czech translation: “Pokud je tohle sociologie…” Salon. Literání a kulturn´priloha (Prague), 28, Summer 2012, p. 8.
Danish translation in Social Kritik, May 2012.
Finnish translation in Kulttuurintutkimus, Fall 2012.

“Un classique iconoclaste: entretien avec Loïc Wacquant” (special dossier on the 10th anniversary of Pierre Bourdieu’s passing), Le Monde, 23 January.

Three Steps to a Historical Anthropology of Actually Existing Neoliberalism.Social Anthropology, 19-4 (November), with responses by  Johanna Bockman, Steve Collier, Daniel Goldstein, Bob Jessop, Mathieu Hilgers, Don Kalb, Jamie Peck/ and Nik Theodore: 66-79.

Reprints & Translations

Spanish translation: “Tres pasos hacia una antropología histórica del neoliberalismo realmente existente,” Herramientas, 49, March 2012, pp. 43-60.
German: “Der Neoliberal Leviathan: Eine Historische Anthropologie des gegenwärtien Gesellschaftsregimes,” Prokla. Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenchaften (Berlin), 169, December 2012, pp. 677-698.
Polish: “Trzy kroki w strone historycznej antropologii faktycznie istnieja¸cego neoliberalizmuin,” Praktyka Teoretyczna (Warsaw), 5, Summer 2012, pp. 66-79.
Portuguese translation: “Três etapas para uma antropologia histórica do neoliberalismo realmente existente,” Caderno do CRH (Bahia), 65, May 2012, pp. 285-298.
Italian: La Ricerca folclorica (Rome), Spring 2012.
Hungarian translation in Fordulat (Budapest), Winter 2012.

 “The Prison is an Outlaw Institution.” The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 51, no 1 (February 2012): 1-15.

“The Wedding of Workfare and Prisonfare Revisited.” Social Justice 38, 1-2 (Spring 2011): 203-221

Reprints & Translations

Also published in an abridged and revised version as “The Wedding of Workfare and Prisonfare in the 21st Century,” The Journal of Urban Poverty, special issue on “Poverty and Incarceration,” 16, n. 2, Summer 2012, pp. 236-249; reprinted in Peter Squires and John Lea (eds.),  Criminalisation and Advanced Marginality: Critically Exploring the Work of Loïc Wacquant, Bristol, Policy Press, 2012, pp. 243-257; reprinted in Sosiologisk årbok (Oslo), 3-4, Winter 2011, pp. 3-23.
German translation (abridged and revised version): “Vermählung von Workfare und Prisonfare im 21. Jahrhundert,” in Tilman Albert (ed.), Transnationale Vergesellschaftungen, Berlin, VS Verlag, 2011; also as “Noch Einmal: Die Verzahnung von Workfare und Prisonfare,” Berliner Debatte Initial. Zeitschrift für sozialwissenschaftlichen Diskurs, 23, no 1 (Spring 2012), pp. 60-76.
Italian translation forthcoming in Antigone (Rome), Fall 2011
Spanish translation forthcoming in  Estado penal y derechos humanos (Argentina).
French translation forthcoming in Regards sociologiques, Fall 2012.
Portuguese translation:.“A política punitiva da marginalidade: revisitando a fusão entre “workfare” e “prisonfare,” Epos (Rio de Janeiro), summer 2012, pp. 1-28; also in Hugo Leonardo R. Santos and Ivan Luiz da Silva (eds.), Ciências penais. Estudos em homenagem ao professor Alfredo Oliveira (in press).
Bulgarian: “Преразглеждане на съюза между workfare и prisonfare,” in Critique and Humanism (Sofia), 38-3, December 2011.
Hungarian translation forthcoming in Fordulat (Budapest), Spring 2012.
Dutch (revised and shortened version): “Het huwelijk van ‘workfare’ en ‘prisonfare’ in de 21ste eeuw,” Ethische Perspectieven 22, no. 1 (Spring), pp. 1-18.

“A Janus-Faced Institution of Ethnoracial Closure: A Sociological Specification of the Ghetto.” Pp. 1-31 in Ray Hutchison and Bruce Haynes (eds.), The Ghetto: Contemporary Global Issues and Controversies, Boulder, Westview, 2011. 

Reprints & Translations

Reprinted in Hans-Christian Petersen (ed.), Figures of the Ghetto in History, Berlin, Transcript Verlag, 2013.
French translation (abridged): “Repenser  le ghetto: du sens commun au concept sociologique,” Idées économiques et sociales. La revue du CNDP, 167, mars 2012, pp. 14-25.
German  (abridged): “Ethnische Schiessung: eine soziologisches Specifikation des Ghettos,” Polar. Politik, Theorie, Alltag, 12, Spring 2012, thematic issue on “Glanz der Städte,” pp. 72-78.
Spanish: “El rostro de Jano de una institución de encierro étnico: Una especificación sociológica del ghetto,” La Ley. Revista de direito penal (Buenos Aires), 10, November 2012, pp. 49-67.
Czech translation in Antropowebzin, Fall 2012, special issue on “The Neoliberal governance of urban space and poverty.”

“Hvordan lese sosiologi: noen praktiske tips” [How to Read Sociology: Some Practical Tips]. Socius (Oslo) 61, no. 2 (Spring 2011): 24-25.

Reprints & Translations

Norwegian translation forthcoming in Sosiologisk årbok/Yearbook of Sociology, 16, Spring 2012.

“From ‘Public Criminology’ to the Reflexive Sociology of Criminological Production and Consumption.” British Journal of Criminology (Spring): 438-448.

Reprints & Translations

Portuguese translation forthcoming in Roberta Duboc Pedrinha and Marcia Adriana Fernandes (eds.), Escritos sobre a criminologia, o lei e a procedura criminal, Rio de Janeiro, Lumen Juris, 2012.

“Mijn top vijf sociologieboeken (met verontschuldigingen aan de overige 95)” [My Top Five Books (with Apologies for the Next 95]. Sociologie Magazine (Amsterdam) 19, no.2 (May 2011): 25-26.
[PDF - English][PDF - Dutch]

Reprints & Translations

Norwegian translation: “Mine topp fem sociologibøker,” Socius, 61-3, Fall 2011, pp. 6-7.

“Habitus as Topic and Tool: Reflections on Becoming a Prizefighter.” Qualitative Research in Psychology 8 (Spring 2011): 81-92.
[PDF - English][PDF - French][PDF - Italian][PDF - German]

Reprints & Translations

English original: “Habitus as Topic and Tool: Reflections on Becoming a Fighter,” in William Shaffir, Antony Puddephatt and Steven Kleinknecht (eds.), Ethnographies Revisited, New York, Routledge, 2009, pp. 137-151.
Reprinted in Ivan Waddington, Andy Smith and Ken Green (eds.), New Paths in the Sociology of Sport, London, Routledge, 2011.
Italian translation: “L’habitus come oggetto e come strumento: Riflessioni sul divenire un  pugilatore.” Etnografia e ricerca sociale, 4, Spring 2009, pp. 7-22.
French version: “L’habitus comme objet et méthode,” Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, 174, September 2010, pp. 109-121; modified and abridged version reprinted as “La chair et le texte: l’ethnographie comme instrument de rupture et de construction,” in Delphine Naudier and Maud Simonet (eds.), Des sociologues sans qualités? Pratiques de recherche et engagements, Paris, La Découverte, 2011, pp. 201-221.
German translation: “Habitus als Thema und Analysewerkzeug: Betrachtungen zum Werdegang eines Berufsboxers,” LiThes. Zeitschrift für Literatur- und Theatersoziologie (Vienna), special triple issue on “Habitus at Work”:  5-23 (also in the forthcoming companion book edited by Beatrix Mueller-Kampel and Helmut Kuzmics).
Spanish transation forthcoming in Sociographica (Rosario), Fall 2010.

“The Global Firestorm of Law and Order: On Neoliberalism and Punishment.” Thesis Eleven 105 (Summer 2011): in press. Followed by a comment by John Pratt and a response by the author.
[PDF-Portuguese][PDF - French][PDF - Japanese]

Reprints & Translations

French translation (expanded version): “La tornade sécuritaire mondiale: néolibéralisme et châtiment à l’aube du vingt-et-unième siècle,” Contretemps, 63, July 2010, pp. 138-154.
Korean: “Sin-Jayujuui Hyeong-Beol Jeong-Chaek Bipan-eul Wihan Simin-Sahoehak,” as postface to the Korean edition of Les Prisons de la misère, Seoul, Shisa Sin, 2010, pp. 11-32.
Spanish translation: “Una sociología cívica de la penalidad neoliberal,” postface to the 10th-year anniversary edition of Cárceles de la miseria, Buenos Aires, Manantial, 2010, pp. 179-202; reprinted in a book on my work edited by Ignacio González, Madrid, Dykinson Impresa, forthcoming in 2010.
Japanese translation (expanded version): “The Global Firestorm of Law and Order: On Neoliberalism and Punishment,” Japanese Journal of Sociological Criminology, 35 (special issue on “Punishment and Poverty”), Fall 2010, pp. 86-72.
Portuguese, expanded version translated as “A tempestade global da lei e ordem: sobre punição e neoliberalismo,” Revista de Sociologia e Politica (Curitiba), no. 41, February 2012, pp. 7-20.
Portuguese translation in the expanded 10th anniversary edition of Prisões da miseria, Rio de Janeiro, Zahar, 2011.
Italian translation forthcoming in Antigone, Spring 2011.

“Neoliberal Penality at Work: A Response to my Spanish Critics” (Symposium on Castigar as los pobres). Revista española de sociología 15 (Winter 2011): 115-123.

“Prisoner Reentry as Myth and Ceremony.” Dialectical Anthropology 34-4 (December 2010), Forum on “The Prisoner Reentry Industry”: 604-620.

Reprints & Translations

Portuguese translation forthcoming in Discursos sediciosos (Rio de Janeiro).
Spanish translation forthcoming in Estado penal y derechos humanos (Buenos Aires).

“Class, Race and Hyperincarceration in Revanchist America.” Daedalus, thematic issue on “The Challenges of Mass Incarceration,” 140-3 (Summer 2010): 74-90.

Reprints & Translations

Reprinted in Alexander Papachristou (ed.), The Blind Goddess: A Reader on Race and Justice,  New York, The New Press, 2011, pp. 30-45.
Spanish translation forthcoming in Loïc Wacquant, Hyperincarceration, 2011.
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Discuros sediciosos (Rio de Janeiro), Fall 2011.  
German translation forthcoming in Rüdiger Voigt (ed.), Staatsräson: Steht die Herrschaft über dem Recht?, Stuttgard, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2011.
French translation: “Classe, race and hyperincarcération dans l’Amérique revanchiste”, Regards sociologiques, Fall 2011.

“Jack London en ethnologue amateur du pugilisme.” Preface to Jack London, Un Steak, Paris, Libertalia, 2010, pp. 9-15.

“Designing Urban Seclusion in the 21st Century.” Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal 43 (2010): 165-178.

Reprints & Translations

German translation forthcoming in a special issue of Geographische Zeitschrift on “New Perspectives on Urban Poverty in North and South America” (edited by Ulrike Gerhard and Eberhard Rothfuß), Summer 2011.
French translation forthcoming in Transeo (Spring 2011).
Portuguese translation forthcoming in Sociologia (Porto), Summer 2010.
Spanish translation forthcoming in Mireia Belil, Jordi Borja and Marcelo Corti (eds.), A nova cidade, Barcelona, Fundacio Forum, 2011; also forthcoming in Herramientas, special dossier on “The Urban Question,” 47, October 2011. 

“Join a Gym or a Stamp Club, Says Boxing Professor” (interview with Max Farrar). Network: The Magazine of the British Sociological Association (Summer 2010): 28-29.

“Das Rassenstigma in der Produktion des amerikanischen Bestrafunsstates.” Kriminologisches Journal 42-2 (Spring 2010), Special issue on “Zur Rückehr von Staat und Gesellschaft in die Kriminologie” (edited by Fritz Sack): 102-114.
[PDF - German][PDF - Spanish][PDF - Portuguese]

Reprints & Translations

Spanish translation: “Estigma racial en la construcción del estado punitivo norteamericano,” Astrolabio, nueva epocha (Cordoba), 5, Spring 2011, pp. 146-159.
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